Announcements  3/20/2015


A primary photo is required within 7 days of input on all new listings (excludes Incompletes) entered into PPMLS.  This policy applies to listings in all property categories, regardless of listing status (ACT,RGT,UND, UCSS, PEND, CLOSD, EXP, CAN, WITH, LEA).

  • A $100 photo fine is assessed if a compliant primary photo, regardless of listing status,  is not uploaded with 7 days of input.

The Primary Photo must be of the subject property that is for sale or lease.

Residential, Income, Farm, Commercial, Business Op and Rental Primary Image:

  • Must be the exterior of the subject property for sale or lease and must be the focal point in the image.

  • When Construction Status is “To Be Built” or “Under Construction” a “To Be Built” or “Under Construction” banner must be prominently display with no identifying colors or logos, etc. on the rendering or existing model home uploaded.

Land and Commercial Land Primary Image:

  • Must be the subject lot/acreage for sale.   No views "from" the property; these can be uploaded as additional photos.

  • Noncopyrighted maps are allowed but must not have any overlays/text of address/location information.

Not allowed in photos uploaded to PPMLS (and will result in a photo violation):

  • No contact information - no broker or builder signs (regardless of legibility), phone numbers, URL, Hyperlinks, other entity or person name.

  • No images of people - no construction workers, kids in park, golfers on golf course, wedding parties, etc.

  • No signs such as landscaping, roofing, advertising.

  • No photos where the copyright belongs to another entity.

  • No documents uploaded as photos.

  • No subdivision or complex signs as primary. These may be uploaded as an additional photo.

  • No address or location information.

  • No overlays, borders or other text  (unless construction status is “To Be Built” or “Under Construction”).

  • Views (such as but not limited to: mountain, city or skyline) are not allowed as a primary.  These Other views can be uploaded as an additional photo

    See PPMLS Photo Rules - PPMLS Rules and Regulations (pg. 65)


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