Announcements  11/13/2015

The PPMLS SentriLock Lock Box exchange has concluded. 

SentriLock Day Code Use and Prohibitions

  • Participation in PPMLS is voluntary.  Participation in the RSC SentriLock system is voluntary.

  • Participation in PPMLS is a pre-requisite to participation in the RSC SentriLock system.

  • SentriLock Day Codes may be issued by authorized SentriLock users to:

    • (i) licensed real estate brokers, licensed appraisers, inspectors and others who do not hold participation rights in the PPMLS and have a legitimate need to access a property relating to an authorized user’s brokerage or appraisal activities;  (For example brokers from Denver or Pueblo that do not participate in PPMLS.)

    • (ii) PPMLS Participants and Sub-Participants, in good standing, who are also active authorized users of the RSC SentriLock System.  (Their use is intended for emergency situations; i.e. when there are issues with a phone, card, or App)

  • PPMLS participants who are not RSC SentriLock users are not authorized to use Day Codes.

Instructions for Generating a Day Code

Click Here to see instructions for generating a Day Code.

Day Codes and Showing Services

Because of the potential liability associated with Day Codes, at the recommendation of RSC legal counsel, the RSC Board of Directors decided to wait at least six months, possibly a year, and then evaluate whether or not Day Codes could be issued by a showing service in conjunction with the PPMLS SentriLock system.   It is believed that it is in the best interest of RSC and the Participants to evaluate the impact of the use of Day Codes being issued by the listing broker or their authorized staff before making a decision on whether this functionality should also be offered to showing services. 

Please Call SentriLock Customer Support at 1-877-736-8745 for questions concerning the use of SentriCard, card readers, SentriSmart App or other technical questions. 



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