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Please Call SentriLock Customer Support at 1-877-736-8745 for questions concerning the use of SentriCard, card readers, SentriSmart App or other technical questions.
SentriLock Support Hours:
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM, 7 days a week

Login to to view lockbox inventory and activity reports,
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SentriLock FAQ Documents

  • Click Here for instructions on using the SentriSmart App

  • Click Here for instruction on Transferring a Lockbox to a new owner

  • Click Here for instructions on using the Power Paddle

  • Click Here for video instruction on releasing shackle using your SentriSmart App


SentriLock Tips

  • PPAR, RSC, and SentriLock staff cannot, under any circumstance, give out PIN Codes over the phone. You must come to RSC/PPAR and show ID to obtain your PIN Code. If you are at a property and have forgotten your PIN, the listing agent may be willing to provide you a Day Code.

  • Phones can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time. Therefore, if you are connected to a headset or a car, you will not be able to connect to a lockbox.

  • Some Android devices use the same antenna for WiFi and Bluetooth. Therefore, if you experience problems with accessing the lockboxes, you may need to disable WiFi.

  • Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher is required for SentriSmart to function properly. If you have trouble accessing a lockbox via Bluetooth, you can input the Lockbox Serial Number and your PIN at the bottom of the app screen and get a mobile access code for one-time use.

  • Showing notifications are sent to the listing agent almost instantly when a lockbox is accessed via the SentriSmart App. However, when using a SentriCard, these notifications are not sent until the card has been updated at a Card Reader. For this reason, we strongly encourage SentriCard users to update their cards at the end of any day that you have been showing property. Renewing your SenrtiCard after 4:00 PM also renews it for the following day.

  • When using the SentriSmart App, always press the ENT key on the lockbox first to wake it up and begin communicating with your device. If a lockbox has been assigned to the listing by the listing agent, you will see the address of the property to select in the app. If the lockbox has not been assigned to the property, you will see the serial number (SN) of the lockbox to select in the app.

  • If you would like another agent to remove your lockbox from a property, you may contact SentriLock for an Emergency Shackle Release Code (ESR) that will work one time on a particular lockbox to release the shackle. You may also want to request an ESR if you are having trouble getting your key to communicate with your lockbox.

  • SentriLock boxes are of the highest quality, but all electronics are vulnerable to failure. RSC staff will be happy to work with you to resolve unresponsive lock boxes during normal business hours. Many of the large offices have chosen to purchase a SentriLock Power Paddle to make available to their agents in the event of lockbox failure. Please check with your office to see if they have a Power Paddle that you can borrow if you are in this situation.

Day Code Reminders

  • SentriLock Day Codes may be issued by authorized SentriLock users to:

    • (i) licensed real estate brokers, licensed appraisers, inspectors and others who do not hold participation rights in the PPMLS and have a legitimate need to access a property relating to an authorized user’s brokerage or appraisal activities; (For example brokers from Denver or Pueblo that do not participate in PPMLS.)

    • (ii) PPMLS Participants and Sub-Participants, in good standing, who are also active authorized users of the RSC SentriLock System. (Their use is intended for emergency situations; i.e. when there are issues with a phone, card, or App).

  • Always include detailed notes within SentriLock for every day code you assign (name, company, phone, email, etc.; it would be important if there are issues at the property).

Instructions for Generating a Day Code

Click Here to see instructions for generating a Day Code.



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