Announcements  8/3/2016

PPMLS Mapping Change

Per action of the RSC Board of Directors, effective August 9th, 2016:

The automatic geocoding (mapping) process used in Matrix will be turned off.  All NEW listings entered will require the listing agent to manually place the mapping pin on the map before any listing can be made Active.  This change is in response to requests from IDX vendors to receive Latitude and Longitude data in IDX feeds.  Per Bing copyright, Corelogic was not allowed to release mapping coordinates that are generated using the automatic geocoding process.  Geocode data that is manually generated by the end user can be released to IDX sources. After many years of having listings automatically mapped, we understand that this is a major change from how it was done in the past. However, providing mapping coordinates to IDX vendors will help them create more effective websites to search and display your listings.  Note:  You are not required to re-map existing or Incomplete listings.  However, to ensure your listing gets mapped by an IDX vendor and also for, you may go into Add/Edit and re-map your listings (move the Pin and click "Done").

Instructions for mapping your listing:

  1. Start entering your listing as normal.
  2. In the Address tab, be sure all appropriate address fields are entered.
  3. Click on the Map tab.
  4. Under the map, click on the "Place Property Pin" link.
  5. On the map, find where your listing is located.
    (If you need to locate the property in order to place the pin in the correct location on the map, you can take advantage of mapping programs such as Mapquest, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  The county assessor mapping programs are also available to identify the exact location of property in that county.)
  6. On the map, place the cursor where your listing is located and click once.
  7. If the mapping pin is on the right spot, click "Done".  If not, click "Place new pin" and repeat step 6.
  8. Once you have completed mapping, continue entering your listing as normal.




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