Announcements  8/23/2016

Map Searching

There are 4 ways to do a search in Matrix using map tools: 

  1. Use a specific address
  2. Draw shapes on the map
  3. Use the MLS areas
  4. Use the map top and side coordinates

Do you use the map as a search tool in Matrix or are you using the MLS areas only?  Rather than using the larger MLS areas, you can draw up to 10 shapes on the map to narrow the search to much smaller areas.  If you are not familiar with doing Map Searches in Matrix, click here for full instructions.


Smart Home Features

Choices added for Smart Home Features

With the recent development of Smart Home devices, new choices have been added to the following fields in Matrix to include these devices in your listing:

Appliances:  Smart Home Appliances
Heat/Air:  Smart Home Thermostat
Misc. Items:  Smart Home Security System, Smart Home Lighting, Smart Home Media, Smart Home Door Locks



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