Announcements  5/02/2017

Matrix Update

Major changes:
All interactive mapping functionality has been updated to use the latest Bing Maps. General functionality remains unchanged, aside from the following:

  • Angled “Bird’s Eye” aerial views are no longer available. The Birds Eye imagery is very old and is one of the highest pieces of negative feedback that Bing and Matrix receives. The un-angled aerial imagery is much more current.
  • Consequently, the “Automatic” mode which switches the view from Road to Birds Eye when a user zooms into a certain level is no longer available. You will now use either Road or Aerial mode regardless of zoom level.
  • On touchscreen devices, the polygon tool now only allows tap-tap-tap to draw a polygon. Tap-and-drag has been removed.
  • Placement of the zoom controls is slightly different, the pan button is no longer available and a Locate Me button has been added.

Currently, you may include personal photos used elsewhere in Matrix in your Matrix Email Signature. However, some of these photos will no longer be available.

  • Images no longer supported in signatures are:
    • The Custom Photo used in the Header/Footer
    • The Print Header and Print Footer
  • Images which are supported in signatures are:
    • The Portal Greeting photo  (My Matrix > Portal Greeting)
    • The CMA Cover Sheet photo  (My Matrix > My Information > CMA Cover Sheet)

The social media image URL in shared listings - Facebook, etc.

  • Because of the update changes, you may need to re-post (Share) only your listings to any social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc., site they are currently in.  Any “Share” listings posted to social media sites prior to this upgrade will no longer display an image.



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